woensdag 28 oktober 2009

Sneakers with motive

Oh help. I just ruined my favourite pair of sneakers. I messed them all up while painting my godchild's babyroom. Yes, this summer, in two months, I became the godmother of two gorgeous little babyboys. They both are sooo cute!
So, I must admit, it was not my best idea of the day wearing these sneakers, but they were so comfy I have just forgotten to change them. And look at the poor things now...

Any other woman would be happy, this is defenitely a good reason to go shoehunting. But not me. I'm quite difficult when it comes to shoes.
This is the woman talking who once bought the same pair of sneakers twice because she liked them so much and was worried what to do when they would be worn out. Yes, that's me.
Don't get me wrong, I love to gaze at beautiful shoes, boots and pumps while windowshopping. But when it actually comes to my feet I have a hard time deciding. They have to look good and fit even better.

I've been looking around and it seems this fall/winter the fashion style tends to basic brown or eyecatching flashy colours, together with metallic accents.

So I'm calling up to all shoe-fashionista's in this world: help me find the perfect pair. I know it is a real challenge: comfortable, not Sporty Spice but yet feminine. Show me your ideas and I'm offering you...all my gratitude for leading me to the right pair that will walk, run and dance with me everyday again !

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