donderdag 26 maart 2009

Itchy green fingers

Oh, how they are itching, these green fingers of mine. Itching to get out into the garden, to get digging, sowing and planting. And then, anxiously waiting for the first green to peep up.
Luckily I saw this homemade chia pet at The Crafty Crow, a great idea to introduce my littlies to the joy of watching something grow with the anticipation of Nature.

To work!

You need: women's nylons-Garden Cress seeds-soil-small bowl-
paper, pens or paint, glue

Sprinkle the seeds into the end of the stocking,
rolling them around to cover where you want them to grow.

Next fill with a handful of gardening soil.
Tie it off tightly in a knot.

Draw or paint a funny face and glue it on.

Place these funny little guys, knot side down,
in a small saucer of water.
Keep them watered and in the sunlight.

Watch their hair grow!

Btw. Take yourself some time to check out The Crafty Crow. She collects the most amazing ideas to play and craft with the kids. It's one of my favorites!

donderdag 19 maart 2009

Spring recipe to swap

I'm finishing my package for the Celebrate Spring Swap. Tomorrow it will be ready to ship, all the way to Canada. Curious to know what's in it? Patience, my friends. It had to include a handmade seasonal decoration, your family's tradition to welcome spring and your favorite seasonal recipe.
My first swap, I'm so excited! It was fun putting the package together. Matching things and colours together until everything fits just right, I just looove it.
Just as much as receiving surprises. So from now on, I'm keeping one eye on our mailbox and an other one on the Seasonal Celebrations Flickr group.

Oh all right, here's for you the release of a delicious spring recipe...
Asparagus quiche!

zaterdag 7 maart 2009

Leftover Salad with WhiteLeaf

I don't like wasting food. Regularly you can find me in the kitchen making a stock-list of what's left behind. And what's better than give these leftovers a second life by creating a delicious lunch salad?
Ok, in wintertime a good warm, tasty soup would do. But since we felt a little spring in the air, we prefer to chop the rejected portions into nice little chuncks, mingle them with some creativity and finish it with some imagination as some extra flavor.

After looking through the fridge I've made this salad with WhiteLeaf, also known as chicory or Belgian endive.

Slice the Iceberg lettuce and chicory into 1cm thick strips.
Toss together with bit sized cubes of apple.
Sprinkle with lemon juice to keep the whole fresh.
Place chunks french cheese eg. Brie on top of it
and add some raisins.
Dress with warm honey.

Result: A good-tasting salad and colleague-eyes gazing into my lunchbox. Bon Appetit!

vrijdag 6 maart 2009

Invitation Baptism

I made the invitation-card for the baptism of Little Boy.
It is kept very simple, as the celebration will be,
just us, grandparents and his godparents. And the priest.
A close, intimate but intense ceremony.

Still working on it by selecting words, music and readings
which express our gratitude, hopes and dreams for this new little life,
so precious to us.

maandag 2 maart 2009

Spring is in the air

At first, I don't see, hear nor feel the first signs of spring...I smell it.
And today, there it was. This warm, earthly scent of Nature awakening.
I opened all doors and windows to get that breeze in our little home. It gave such energy!

We went for a long walk through the fields and orchards. Snowdrops laid a white blanket between the trees, here and there spring crocusses brought dots of colour on the dampy soil. And how cliché you can get, lambs were hopping around on loose feet. And so did our Little Boy, his first steps outside the house. So cute and so much fun!
It's a pity I can't show you any pictures since I forgot the camera on the roof of our car. (Fortunately it was still there when we came back. Yes, honest people do exist!)
But much more I wish I could sent the fresh scent to you, so you could all take a deep new breath.

And what's up with this need to clean windows when I feel spring in the air. Recognizable to anyone?

Finally I found this Celebrate Spring swap at inspiredmamamusings
Sign up until tuesday, march 3th.
As you noticed I'm totally in the mood for this one, so... I'm in!