donderdag 26 maart 2009

Itchy green fingers

Oh, how they are itching, these green fingers of mine. Itching to get out into the garden, to get digging, sowing and planting. And then, anxiously waiting for the first green to peep up.
Luckily I saw this homemade chia pet at The Crafty Crow, a great idea to introduce my littlies to the joy of watching something grow with the anticipation of Nature.

To work!

You need: women's nylons-Garden Cress seeds-soil-small bowl-
paper, pens or paint, glue

Sprinkle the seeds into the end of the stocking,
rolling them around to cover where you want them to grow.

Next fill with a handful of gardening soil.
Tie it off tightly in a knot.

Draw or paint a funny face and glue it on.

Place these funny little guys, knot side down,
in a small saucer of water.
Keep them watered and in the sunlight.

Watch their hair grow!

Btw. Take yourself some time to check out The Crafty Crow. She collects the most amazing ideas to play and craft with the kids. It's one of my favorites!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, thats creative! I don't think I have all those ingredients, but it still looks neat! Thats cool you live Belgium! My friend was born there(I'm from the United States). I have always wanted to go to Europe.
    I like your blog! Keep it up!