zaterdag 7 maart 2009

Leftover Salad with WhiteLeaf

I don't like wasting food. Regularly you can find me in the kitchen making a stock-list of what's left behind. And what's better than give these leftovers a second life by creating a delicious lunch salad?
Ok, in wintertime a good warm, tasty soup would do. But since we felt a little spring in the air, we prefer to chop the rejected portions into nice little chuncks, mingle them with some creativity and finish it with some imagination as some extra flavor.

After looking through the fridge I've made this salad with WhiteLeaf, also known as chicory or Belgian endive.

Slice the Iceberg lettuce and chicory into 1cm thick strips.
Toss together with bit sized cubes of apple.
Sprinkle with lemon juice to keep the whole fresh.
Place chunks french cheese eg. Brie on top of it
and add some raisins.
Dress with warm honey.

Result: A good-tasting salad and colleague-eyes gazing into my lunchbox. Bon Appetit!

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