donderdag 26 november 2009

Give us...a break

Every year MyMan and me try to escape a few days. In escape from the daily rush and the upcoming misty grey season we go chasing some (last solar) energy.
We used to do this since the beginning of our relation. And we hold firmly to our little tradition, certainly since little ones, house and career fill up our days and lifes. So this month we flew away...
guess where we spent some fine days together...


And we loved it! Nice weather, for fall 25°C isn't too bad, and beautiful architecture made us promenade from breakfast till diner by sunset.
A brief summary of a great journey in a charming city:
Discovering the Old Town, El Barrio, a veritable labyrinth with its alleyways, courtyards and history. Tasting fresh fruit, juices and Tapas on Europe's largest open air food market, La Boqueria, with picnic in the park afterwards. Even cycling (yesyes, me on a bike!) along beach, wide lanes, squares and unique buildings. We had fun!
I know why I am looking forward to our trip every year again,
love you my sweet mr. B!

And to end,
divine what I brought home,
no souvenir but these beauties...

In 1981 Camper opened its first store in Barcelona.
And these are totally what I was looking for...

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  1. ooh I am envious, there are not many places I want to visit, but this is one of them. Thanks for sharing.